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August 18, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show -It’s Van Halen Friday!!!

I play guitar!!!!  Enjoy!!!!  Happy Friday!!!!!

August 17, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Some things are better left unsaid……..

In this episode, taking down memorials, Washington, Jackson and who's next? Should we remind our children of our dark history in detail, how about the details of a messy divorce to your children........who will prtest next about symbolic optical ans sacred artifacts? Take a guess or listen in to find out. Enjoy!!

August 16, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-Show your love….

In this episode, Virginia, slavery, racism, the news, social problems, optics, family, love, forgiveness, we better start loving each other......soon. Enjoy!!

August 15, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show Don’t touch our statues!!

In this episode, Sammy Hagar, stupid copyright laws, leave up our statues, and the dating game!! Enjoy!!!

August 14, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show -The thrill of the chase…..

In this episode, Top Golf, dating at the age of 50, stupid people in Virgina, playing live for the first time, and I am boycotting the NFL if..........    Enoy!!!

August 10, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-Bullies will always be a part of life

In this episode,  I forgot my gym bag, running into a lifelong friend, how to deal with bullies, us guys are'nt that hard to figure out, the school system sucks, and more.....Enjoy!!

August 9, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show- Pot is not good for you?

In this episode, dealing with a bully, smoking pot can cause hypertention and I need a vacation still........Enjoy!!!

August 4, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show -The King is ready for war

In this episode, no condoms, usinf movies for political gains, and the King is ready for war.......are you? Enjoy!

August 3, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-I found my soul mate, a sexbot.

In this epsisode, I have to get out of here, taxes on everything, and now I don't need a woman, just order a BSC model sexbot!!!!  Enjoy!!!

August 1, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show -Sending pics of your junk

In this episode, I move the show to my old radio show FB page, why do people send pics of their junk, why I do this show, usinf salmon sperm for sunscreen, why people do drugs.....and more! Enjoy!!!