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July 28, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show-Wanna get married?

It's VH playing guitar and my opinion on getting married and being very happy with my life after dealing with a on of shit.....Enjoy!!!

July 27, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show- I’m confused……..

In this episode, transgenders in the military, drinking in Mexico and using common sense when having a great time. Enjoy!!!

July 26, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show-Another financial meltdown?

In this episode, strippers, working paperless, yoga, working out, if I was an elite asshole......marrying your relatives, and the possibilty of another financial metdown, prepping, am I BSC? Enjoy!!!!

July 25, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show-Having 25 wives?

In thi episode, a concert with no filter, the rain is not stopping, collecting a 20 dollar debt, ISSA Certification, the customer is always right, having 25 wives.......and so much more......Enjoy!!!

July 18, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show Dealing with insomnia and anxiety

In this episode, sleeping by using meditiation, yoga and living a lifestyle of wellness. Enjoy!!!!

July 14, 2017  

Tribute to the 38th Anniversary of Disco Demolition and Chicago Radio

In this episode, I dedicate this show to the 38th anniversary of Disco Demolition. Steve Dahl has been on the radio ever since I was a kid and I still listen to him today. I also pay respect and honor legendary Chicago radio DJ's and they are the reason I do this show. They truly inspried me........Enjoy!!!

July 13, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show 07.13.17

In this episode, taking supplements, stupid people watching storms and driving in them, CLA....what is it?, which equipment I use to workout with and the supplements I take.....Enjoy!!!

July 12, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show 07.12.17

In this episode, Im back!!, Ribfest sound system sucked, witches and spells, aliens, my left boob is bigger than my right.....and being a good person. Enjoy!!!!

July 7, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show 07.07.17

In this episode, It's Van Halen Friday, get ready to pay The Emperor more taxes if you live in Illinois, where would you relocate to? You vote does matter...... And is Chicago becoming just like Detroit? Enjoy!!



July 6, 2017  

The Tim Parsons Morning Show 07.06.17

In this episode, Illinois is screwed, Bullying Donald Trump, Lindsey Lohan to the rescue, I am addicted to Facebook? Watch out for North Korea......   Enjoy!!!!