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September 8, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-Irma #Irma

In this episode, how you can help the people in Florida....Enjoy!! #irma

September 6, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show- DACA and why it is such a mess

In this episdoe, I share my concerns with Hurricane Irma and my opinions and suggestions on how to fix DACA and illegal immigration and try to make you think.  Enjoy!

September 5, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-It’s the eclipses fault…All hell is breaking loose

In this episode, fires, hurricaines, nuclear threats.....what the hell is going on? Enjoy!!

September 1, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy!!!

August 31, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-How soon we forget

In this episdoe, I think its Friday, leaving your dogs starnded, and prepping for emergencies......we are not immune to natural disasters.....Enjoy!!!

August 30, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show-#helptexas

In this episode, I talk about the situation in Texas, taking a bus, and drinking water out of a cup, and do not do drugs, period. Enjoy!!!


August 28, 2017  

The Original Red Pill-Transgenderism, Racism and homophobia explained……

In this episode.  give my opinion on why people hate others, what people so what they do, and what may happen if we don't get our act together. Enjoy!

August 25, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show……Just put it in me?

In this episode, it's Van Halen just listen in and enjoy after I took a week off........Have a great weekend!!  Enjoy!!

August 18, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Show -It’s Van Halen Friday!!!

I play guitar!!!!  Enjoy!!!!  Happy Friday!!!!!

August 17, 2017  

The Original Red Pill Some things are better left unsaid……..

In this episode, taking down memorials, Washington, Jackson and who's next? Should we remind our children of our dark history in detail, how about the details of a messy divorce to your children........who will prtest next about symbolic optical ans sacred artifacts? Take a guess or listen in to find out. Enjoy!!